Sunday, March 14, 2010

mr deng frustrates me

Mr. Deng
How can I describe Mr. Deng...

Mr Deng is an idiot with good intentions
Mr Deng makes me frustrated.
Mr Deng cannot teach.
Mr Deng doesn't know that "homeworks" is not a word.
Mr Deng somehow relates football to everything
Mr Deng should know how to teach by now, but can't
Mr Deng shouldn't be teaching, if this is his strategy.
Mr Deng is infuriating.
Mr Deng was fired, but somehow managed to claw his way back to SMHS.
Mr Deng should learn a different, more effective method of teaching.
Mr Deng 's class is a waste of my time.

Yeah, I'm a little angry. The thing is, Mr. Deng is a nice guy. He definitely wants what's best for the student. He just isn't able to provide what's best.

Guess i was feeling a little angsty tonight, frustrated about this homework assignment he gave us. -sigh- I guess I'll try to ask questions tomorrow in class.