Friday, May 30, 2014

So it's been approximately six years since last being on this website. 

I bet you have all be been shivering with anticip


But here I am! Back again! Momentarily!

relevant updates to this blog:

  • I'm in college now
  • Chuck ended
  • I stopped watching idol

Sunday, March 14, 2010

mr deng frustrates me

Mr. Deng
How can I describe Mr. Deng...

Mr Deng is an idiot with good intentions
Mr Deng makes me frustrated.
Mr Deng cannot teach.
Mr Deng doesn't know that "homeworks" is not a word.
Mr Deng somehow relates football to everything
Mr Deng should know how to teach by now, but can't
Mr Deng shouldn't be teaching, if this is his strategy.
Mr Deng is infuriating.
Mr Deng was fired, but somehow managed to claw his way back to SMHS.
Mr Deng should learn a different, more effective method of teaching.
Mr Deng 's class is a waste of my time.

Yeah, I'm a little angry. The thing is, Mr. Deng is a nice guy. He definitely wants what's best for the student. He just isn't able to provide what's best.

Guess i was feeling a little angsty tonight, frustrated about this homework assignment he gave us. -sigh- I guess I'll try to ask questions tomorrow in class.

Monday, September 7, 2009


It's a horrible thought, but sometimes i wonder

"What would happen if I died? Who would care? Would it only be the people who I expected to care, or would there be some random people who I barely know?"

It's basically pretty much the questions of my importance in other people's eyes. I mean, sometimes I wish i could have some weird device that played "What If?" scenarios and play my death or funeral. " I'd want to know who would truly care? Who would it affect? Would the lives of the people who i'm not especially close to be changed? Would they even care?

I guess that's life---You never know how it's gonna end until it happens

Sunday, August 9, 2009

High School Hits. Hard.

So, today's my second day in Santa Breezy for two weeks. It's been fun, even though it's been like less than 24 hours. This year, i'm in the high school group. When we went around talking about ourselves and like what grade we're in it hit me.

I'm a freshman.

School starts in 16 days.
That's almost only two weeks.

I will be walking around on a high school campus. Taking classes at a high school. Eating at a high school (anywhere i want for that matter). I'll be in freaking marching band.

Now, everything counts.

Towards college.

Towards a future.

Towards a Job.

Towards a LIFE.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Movie Review: 500 Days of Summer
This. Movie. Was. Really. Good. Seriously. It had a great script, great feel, great everything. There were parts of the movie that made your heart warm up, and parts that made you want to keel up and die. Great emotions. Funny too. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are not a force to be reckoned with. :P Fantastic movie, although the ending left me slightly unsatisfied. :/ I give it an A-.

Okay, so there's 19 days 'till school. That terrifies me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Allegedly "Quick" Update

HELLO. I haven't blogged in seriously a LOOOOONG time. Like, last blog was fourth of July. Now it's the...16th (?)

Many things have happened.

1. First Session ended at camp. D: all the people were so awesome, and i'm gonna miss them. Still, i'm glad that we didn't lose TOO MANY people. Beach day was sad and epic. I had a chicken dog. This "no red meat" thing is actually going along swimmingly. Nobody got stung by a sting ray this time! :D hoorah. complete success.

2. Went out with Libbz to the mall and got some HP garb to wear to the MIDNIGHT SHOWING. I got a Gryffindor shirt and she got a Slytherin one. I also got blood pops, which are lollipops--the strawberry variety--that turn your tounge BRIGHT red. It's pretty epic. I also got a Gryffindor crest necklace that I put my keys on. Finally, I got some 3D red and blue sunglasses, which are epic to a whole new degree.

3. Went with Libby, her mom, and her aunt to THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. It was so fun. We were in the middle for the scale of the "People Who Wear Too Much Harry Potter Stuff Just For The Movie" And We just wore shirts. There were some people wearing Hogwarts-like uniforms (I ACTUALLY SAW SOMEONE WHO WAS DRESSED TO BE IN RAVENCLAW WHICH MADE ME REALLY EXCITED BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO DRESS IN STUFF THAT'S NOT A MAIN CHARACTER OR SOMEONE IN GRYFFINDOR OR SLYTHERIN) and then some really crazy fans who wore cloaks and such. There was this one lady who wore an extremely convincing McGonnagal costume. I also brought my awesome wand that Maya carved last year. I'm sure everyone was jealous of it.

4. Second Session started. I. MISS. THE. SNARKY. HUMUS. FLINGING. STONEFISH. OF. PUDDING. This new group doesn't get along as well as we did first session. There are actual cliques and it makes me want to tear my hair out. Like seriously, some of the people in my group are real, for lack of a better word, douchebags.

Well, I saw a movie so y'all know what that means....

Harry Potter And the Half Blood Prince.
I LOVED it. Despite how confusing it seemed, I stayed on track the whole time and surprisingly, did not get confused at all. There were parts that had you laughing really hard, completely terrified in your seat, and tearing up (well not me tearing up). It's plotline was very exciting and it kept my attention. The effects weren't corny, and the movie kept me on the edge of my seat. I was actually a HUGE fan of the Ron-Lavender-Hermione love triangle. Like in the scenes when Hermione sees them kissing or like PDAing or something, i actually developed a huge like hollow feeling in my gut and i felt SO bad for her. Emma Watson is pretty brilliant. Every actor portrayed their character so well. I'd see it again--in fact, I think I am seeing it again tomorrow.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

dcfc ;D

So, today, July 5th 2009, was pretty FREAKING AWESOME.

Well, it started with Libby, her mom, and me drivin' down to the good ol' hollywood bowl for some death cab for cutie rehearsal.
we get there and it says: CLOSED REHEARSAL. D:

we were slightly sad that we weren't allowed to see them and sit in the audience. We automatically assumed that they were snobby. first we tried sneaking around to one of those towery things behind the café but then we chickened out after they played i will posess your heart. we ended up having a pretty swell time goofing off in the lounge and backstage. making coffee and sugar water and tea. cool stuff like that. A few times while walking around, some of the band memebers walked past us, sadly we didn't know their faces well, so it was like "HEY LOOK THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE HE COULD BE IN THE BAND"

Then at the lunch break we got to go on stage. We checked out the cool lights that light up the bowl (ends up its a bunch of LED bulbs screwed onto the back of the pannels. We saw the band from afar. Chris Walla (guitar) had a bright red jacket on. Nick Harmer (bass guitar) had a beard and brown cordaroys and deep purple nikes. Jason McGerr (drums) was wearing glasses, an olive green shirt, and i think a beanie (unsure) along with his glasses.

Then there's this little biddy named Ben.
Ben Gibbard.
Lead singer of death cab Ben.

Libby and I were slightly upset that we weren't meeting any, then suddenly Ben walked past libby. Her mom, while applying chapstick waved him over. HE TALKED TO US AND SHOOK OUR HAND. he was talking about how he wished he had the strings and stuff in the back to begin with because it sounded good. i agreed. he was super nice. He was wearing a white shirt. his armpit was blue haha. paint or über nice.

We were so giddy after that.
The concert's tonight. Opening for DCFC is something and Tegan and the New Pornographaers. one of their songs was on chuck :D

Pretty excited. More on that after.