Wednesday, May 13, 2009


otay. last blog was a WHILE back. as in like. a week ago. haha. not much exciting stuff happened that i have to share, so be prepared for boredom.
  • MANDAAA TURNED 14 THIS MONDAY. WOOO. that was important. she got hugs. hoorah?
  • MOHTER'S DAY WAS THIS SUNDAY. i got a little drunk off of champagne. the fam bam and i (ma, pa, cousin, aunt, uncle) went to the ath (its at caltech) for brunch. happiness ensued. amazing food. i ate like 2345724 crab legs. BTW I LEARNDED SOMETHING. do not try oysters. taste like what you expect AKA what aquarium touch tanks smell like. in a bad way. which goes on to say, uncle paul said that he might be able to get me an internship at monterey bay aquarium. :D while i was drunk, i said something wrong on accident and laughed untill i cried. tears streaming down face. then we went home and i CREAMED aunt, mother, and cousin at scatteragories. yes. bow down.
  • started candle in the wind. good book so far. really sad. WHY ARE ALL THE BOOKS WE READ IN SCHOOL SO DEPRESSING. LIKE. HOUSE ON MANGO STREET, THE CAY, THE CLAY MARBLE, CALL OF THE WILD (kind of sad, mostly violent), ANNE FRANK, AND NOW THIS. wutever. most of them were pretty okay.
  • TOOK LAST HISTORY TEST FROM THE BOOK OTHER THAN THE FINAL TODAY. really easy. no more notes. except for epilogue. ugh. stupidstupidstupidstupid.
  • RANT ON STAR TESTING: okay, we had star testing last week. rant is about how much time they give. okay. its in parts. part one, then break for 15 min, then do part two, then go on to your classes. it starts at 8. it ends at 12:15. THATS LIKE 4 HOURS TO FINISH LIKE 60 QUESTIONS THAT FIRST GRADERS COULD ANSWER. >_< why is there no minimum day. its not like wer're retarded or anything.
  • CARVER CARNI. we played. i actually got acknowledged for playing a solo. :D kinda fun.
  • TRUMPET LESSON SUCCESS. thank you kirstie shih porter for making me practice. mr. bing said it was the best he's heard me play ever. now that's what i call some major progress.
  • SATURDAY: MANDA'S PARTAYY. gonna be movie marathon sleepover tastic mania. it will ALLEVIATE this boring week. parties act as ANTIDOTES to boredom. that is good parties. it might---cross that, WILL probably be a BEDLAM but thats not bad. every day with trail mix is a bedlam.
  • i tried to cajole my dad to let me have a unicycle. sadly, he said no. rats. if only my speaking were more GLIB, then maybe he'd say yes.
  • i pantsed manda yesterday. coach mirales gave me an INCESSANT lecture on how its sexual harassment and that i could be suspended. he was WAY too strident. i mean its only pantsing. -_- he's obviously not very INDULGENT to teeny tiny mistakes. hey, nobody's IMMACULATE.
  • LINDSAY. i'm wondering how your job is goind (if you've started). even though you only earn a PITTANCE, its still decent pay. its almost as much as Chuck got ($11/hr). however, i'm sure those horses have a PUNGENT smell. fun. but your VEHEMENCE for horses might make you ignore the smell.
  • Well, now i'm a bit HAGGARD from lack of sleep and i long to LOLL in my bed and doze off.
  • OH BTW DANNY!! D: i rue the fact that he got kicked off, but i saw it comming. we all love joo.
so thats about it.

p.s. be amazed by my use of wordly wise words. mrs. jackson just did that in class and i wanted to try. i think i might do that every time i blog.

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