Saturday, May 2, 2009


howdy. seems like its been a while since i've last blogged a.k.a. like a day or two,

so here's how my life has been going since we've last chatted.

okay. friday was a typical friday but i went to libby's house with lauren and like biked every freaking where. we went around her block then around another block then we went to the gas station to fill up the flat bike then we biked to my house then we biked back to her house then we biked to lacey and then we biked around lacey then we biked back to her house. see. lots and lots of biking. we also pogo hopped to the gas station (there was a pogo stick, a scooter, and a flat bike on our trip to the station). laugher ensued. libby eventually gave up and rambo-ed it (ran around and pretended it was a machine gun). we also saw ilana in her car and made it so that she wouldn't notice us. she didn't. WIN. then i biked home (in the rain :D) and went to bed.


so pretty much it was epic. except for the fact that the pogo stick gave me the WORST BLISTERS EVER. piece of advice: if you go extreme pogo sticking (and this is only for PROGOs) wear gloves.

so that was friday. now today, i woke up around 9 and then went to galleria for grad dress. found one. not telling anyone what it looks like. only time will tell. TAKE THAT SUCKERS. and then i came home and baked some really amazing choco chip cookies. oh btdubs, at the galleria i bout that fall out boy cd with the bears on it that i have no idea how to spell or say the name. like said fole-eee ah doo. and i got some new socks. they are vans socks. they are checked and like neon. pretty freaking sweet.


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