Thursday, April 30, 2009

epic fail day.

in n out day. the single day of the year when us students can completely indulge ourselves in food that tastes decent. (caf food doesn't count as decent food). Sounds fun? yes. very much fun.

Okay, so umi had this idea to play this game called racecar. its when you spin around really fast and then sit down and make race car sounds. most people fall over--hilarity ensues.

sounds like a pretty epic day right? well it was...we had in n out, then got to play this hilarious game. then we decided to do a spinning-obstacle course-human tetris. pretty much everyone fell down. favorite obstacle: the moving hurdle. vickie and libby i think held hands and moved up and down really fast and the people were supposed to jump over their arms. EVERYBODY got caught. funny funny. then we-ehem-UMI decided it would be fun if we did an extreme version of racecar and spun around 20 times.

we tried, completely oblivious of our completely stuffed stomachs with fast food and the heat. we all fell down and then automatically got nauseated and completely dazed for the rest of the day. best part of the whole thing? i still feel sick.


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