Monday, April 27, 2009

Chuck Versus the Ring.

Oh Charles Bartowski. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. But really, this finale was the mother of all finales. A wedding? A surprising twist? A huge gunfight? Slight closure, but then another twist? Love? Hate? And last but certainly not least, a kick butt kung fu fight at the end. And the best part? He was wearing Chuck's while kicking butt. And finally, a cliffhanger. One of the most aggravating, yet intriguing film inventions made. Yes. This episode in my opinion was a FREAKING HUGE SUCCESS.

Now lets point out some major things:
1. The ruturn of Bryce Larkin, Chuck's mortal enemy.
3. Ellie and Awesome's wedding being killed by Roark.
4. Sarah giving up Bryce for Chuck.
5. Finding out Chuck's dad also has an intersect in his brain.
6. The death of Bryce, the man who NEVER DIES. Until now. D:
7. The New intersect being invented which led to:
8. Chuck being able to UPDATE and like kung fu ness.
9. The end being "To be contined..."

Now the EPIC things:
1. Return of Bryce to the show, both good and bad.
2. Sarah admitting to Chuck that she loves him.
3. Chuck having flashbacks.

Now the HIGH-LAIR-EE-OUS things:
1. Emmet saying "I am flattered but I am a FLAMING heterosexual."
2. Chuck: "Guys can hug." Casey: "Not if they don't have their man parts."
2. Jeffster preforming Domo Arigoto Mr. Roboto
3. Casey's MAN VOICE in the plane with his buddies.
4. Chuck's cute stumble in when he's giving the rings.
5. "Guys I know Kung Fu."

Ok, for an assessment. This show was the ultimate end. No doubt about it.

I think that the cliffhanger meant that it is DEFFINATELY being thought about for a third season. Only time can tell. And viewers. Things you can do to help save Chuck.
  1. Watch Chuck episodes on and
  2. Buy Chuck Season 1 and Pre-order Season 2
  3. Write NBC a letter, send Nerds candy to NBC, and Twitter using hash tags #chuck and #savechuck
  4. Lastly, tell all your friends to do the same!

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