Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Okely dokely. brief overview of day.
-woke up for wind ensamble. played very badly. stupid dr. mcdaniel made us play patton when there was like two seconds left of band and made all of us late.
-went to homeroom. got to sad part of kite runner. cheer for eden for getting good citizenship brekfast. go to english. laugh at speed leigh is going on crutches.
-do boring english AND BUY NEW WW BOOK FOR 20 BUCKS. what a rip off. do english-y stuff.
-go to math. laugh when mrs. thor goes AND WHAT IS B, JAY? HAHA B.J. she is way too innocent. laugh at the faces eden and manda made when mrs. thor said that they were like "ahahaha..ha..ha...i don't get it." GET OUT OF THE ROOM FIRST FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. and probably last.
-snack break it.
-go to sci. have a party with the FREAKING MOST KICK ASS FOOD ON THE PLANET.
-go to goldstein...blech...EW. HER FACE. LOOKING AT IT MAKES MY EYES BURN. listen to oratorical people GO MK. she needs to be louder. finish some hw.
-go to lunch where i ate some fruit and threw the rest and umi and lindsay. OMG KENT GO AWAY YOU ARE FREAKING ANNOYING. AND YOUR JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY. have the most epic lunch ever. why it was epic: throw the bottle extreme version. eden sagging A LOT. me falling off the bench while being AWW FRIENDSHIP HIGH. haha. eden drooling EVERYWHERE. bell rings and leigh says something leigh-ish. alex and manda not being as innapro-pro as normal. okay.
-PE time. 2 600s and then golf. golf was also epic cause of: the invention of the word chunkles, umi being horrible, me hitting the cone!, chuckles hitting her tee out every time, me tearing up the grass, matt pierce being matt pierce-y, accidentally hitting umi in the ankle with my golfing skills.
-now science. not exciting. i organized papers. the end. TEST TOMOROW. space is fun.
-and then i got home and took a nap. no, first i went to libby's house and she answered the phone like five times. one time she talked like obama, one time she talked like a british person, one time she plugged her nose, and one time she did all three. well thats more like 4. whatever. then i got home and took a nap and did hw. fun eh? now idol's on in 9 min, but imma wait a little.

You can tell by my last three blogs (including this one) i have an infinity for list making. not my problem. i also like punctuation. i don't even remember when i started using punctuation again. like on aim, i actually use periods now and on like fb notes. i should be doing hw. i still have half of history, 2 days worth of science. well thats it. technically, i also need to do math, but thats hopeless seeing i left my workbook in class. right now i'm talking to lindsay.

7:51:36 PM Liana Kindler: whats idol theme this week
7:51:53 PM Rindsay: i have NO idea
7:51:53 PM Rindsay: you'd think i would know...
7:53:12 PM Liana Kindler: ahah
7:53:13 PM Liana Kindler: yeah
7:53:14 PM Liana Kindler: ask eden
7:53:15 PM Liana Kindler: haha
7:53:16 PM Liana Kindler: she'd know
7:53:25 PM Rindsay: LOL like she has an aim
7:53:29 PM Rindsay: and like my phone is charged
7:54:27 PM Liana Kindler: WHAT
7:54:33 PM Liana Kindler: or i thought you said she has aim
7:54:39 PM Liana Kindler: and im like WTFWTFWTFWTF
7:54:42 PM Liana Kindler: SHE IS?
7:54:48 PM Liana Kindler: i can't imagine yogurt using aim
7:55:13 PM Rindsay: I KNOW
7:55:14 PM Rindsay: TOO WIERD
7:55:28 PM Rindsay: or them having anything having to do with online social networking
7:56:03 PM Liana Kindler: yeahhh
7:56:05 PM Liana Kindler: like
7:56:11 PM Liana Kindler: EDEN HAVING A MAHSPACE
7:56:14 PM Liana Kindler: HAHA
7:56:17 PM Liana Kindler: EDEN A CAMERAWHORE
7:56:19 PM Rindsay: OMG
7:56:22 PM Rindsay: AHHAHA

7:56:26 PM Liana Kindler: and taking scene pictures of herself
7:56:27 PM Rindsay: TOO WIERD FOR MY MIND
7:56:31 PM Rindsay: AHHAHAHA
7:56:31 PM Liana Kindler: IN THE BATHROOM MIRROR
7:56:32 PM Liana Kindler: HAHA
7:56:34 PM Rindsay: OMG
7:56:40 PM Rindsay: MAKING A PEACE SIGN
7:56:43 PM Liana Kindler: HAHAA
7:56:46 PM Liana Kindler: HAHAHAHAH
7:56:46 PM Liana Kindler: EW
7:56:48 PM Liana Kindler: I HATE THOSE
7:56:51 PM Rindsay: LOLOL
7:56:53 PM Rindsay: I USED TO DO THOSE

ha, that totally just made me think of what the buck.

otay. lates.

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