Tuesday, April 28, 2009

These Are All the Little Things that Make me Smile

Okay. The little things that make me smile.
1. Michelle Kim when she tunes the timpani.
2. llamas with hats.
3. putting things in color order.
4. lunchtime games of catch the bottle.
5. Japanese smiley faces. O_o
6. watching Leigh drop her crutches every five seconds.
7. looking through scrapbooks from my little kid hood.
8. playing the sound of music over and over.
9. the word "chunkles" (btw i'm naming my dog that if i get another one.)
10. exaggerating
11. when christine tries to kick the ball really hard in PE but ends up kicking it really soft
12. watching chuckles and umi golf.
13. latkes. 'nuff said.
14. homemade pizza
15. getting all my hw done before 9
16. the smell of the rain.
17. the words that sites make you type out to verify things that aren't real words but sound legit.
19. feist on sesame street singing 1234 to help kids count
20. the few days when it hails.
21. smell of the gym at school on a rainy day (don't judge me)
22. norah jones on sesame street singing "don't know why" when the letter of the day was y.
23. smell of warm landury right after it comes out of the dryer
24. eden trying to use crutches.
25. sound of horses with horseshoes walking on asphault.
26. ferrets
27. lunches with the trail mix
28. watching yogurt being all bestie-y
"these are some of the little things that make me smile. these are all the little things that make life worthwhile. one day i will eat your brains and it will be great! so lets sing of the things we love and meet our fate."
inspired by the video "ferrets"

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