Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael Jackson.
Is dead today.
June 25, 2009.
He was 50.

Please, a moment of silence as we remember the accomplishments of the King of Pop.

Billie Jean. Smooth Criminal. Beat It. THRILLER.
The Moonwalk.
Over 750 MILLION hits sold.
13 NUMBER ONE singles.

And I can't believe how badly everyone judged him. We don't even know for sure if he did all those things that he was accused of, and even if he did, there are PLENTY more people who have done far worse things and not been punished at all. Apparently, when he was supposed to have an interview a couple years ago, he canceled last minute. The Interviewer went to his hotel, and found MJ on the couch in a fetal position with the blinds closed. How can people stand to judge someone so far that they are afraid of the world. Scared of what will happen if they walk outside.

Now we bow our heads in sorrow as we remember the King of Pop. He will live forever through my, and plenty other fans', headphones

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