Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

I love the smell of a rainy day
I love counting the seconds between lighting and thunder
I love watching Nat Tran's hilarious vlogs on youtube
I love watching Leigh and Eden being all bestie-y
I love failasauruses...failasuari....whatever.
I love goofing off in history while watching OUR version of the sound of music
I love my nightmare before christmas blanket from hot topic
I love riding home from school with libby
I love watching the windows fog up on a cool day
I love realizing that the people who i didn't see as close friends really were
I love getting the feeling back in my mouth after the Novocaine wears off
I hate tripping umi on accident while running my 200, which i did bad at
I hate being too lazy to study for finals
I hate having 15 minutes to finish my project instead of the promised hour
I hate being hit by a spiked volley ball in the wrist
I hate losing against a cheating team and not moving in the ranking for PE
I hate popping my jaw out at the dentist
I hate getting two shots in my mouth for Novocaine
I hate feeling guilty for causing people pain
I hate not feeling guilty for causing people pain
I hate having to hear that someone didn't make it to PYSO
I hate when my wi fi doesn't connect correctly
I that we have only 6 days of school left.

P.S. I LOVE ranting. And listing.

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