Sunday, June 7, 2009


Okay, so i'm gonna do movie ratings now. SPOILER ALERT FOR UP. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Up was pretty freaking amazing. It had all good elements of a movie: Good Plot, Sweet Ending, Good Humor, Sappy Lines That Make You Tear Up, Sad Parts, And Evil Villan, AKA GPSEGHSLTMYTUSPEV. Confession: I cried in the very end when Old Guy was like "And I'm gonna award you with the most special badge ever, the Ellie Badge" and puts the grape soda pin on him. I teared up in the aging montage too. I am pathetic. I love Doug, he is so funny and i loved the part when he knocks on the door and was like "I was hiding under your porch because I love you" I was like AWWWWW. The whole theatre was like Aw. In a rating of 1-10 1 being crap 10 being amazing i give it an 11.

Ranting For Today
OMG I FREAKING HATE HATE HATE LITTLE CHILDREN WHO TALK BEHIND YOU AND THEN THEIR PARENTS DON'T MAKE AN EFFORT TO SHUT THEM UP. There was a little Mexican girl in back of me with the most annyoing high pitched voice on the fracking earth and she was like narrating th e whole thing. UGH I WANTED TO TURN AROUND AND SAY SHUT THE #$%@ UP OKAY!?!!! I think I actually whispered that under my breath about the 3436195732048 time she squeaked something. I had to turn around and glare (which couldn't be seen due to the 3D glasses) like a million times. I wanted to strangle her. And in this like super sad part that was all quiet there were all these little kids talking their fracking heads off. ugh.

So right now, the Tonys are on and they are having this part remembering important peope of Brodway who have died. Mom from parent trap (Natashia Richardson) was on in it and i was like AW YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED.


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